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Weaver Magic, also known as the Wyrdling Way and the Wyrd Ways of the Weavers, was a very specialized form of Eco-Centric Magic. Instead of tapping into their own energies (Ego-Centric Magic) or into the ambient energy surrounding them (in the traditional Eco-Centric method), weaver mages tap into the ambient energies of other individuals, to read them (instantly learning the entire history of anyone or anything just by touching one of these thread), and possibly manipulate their energy lines (instead of stealing them, as with Necromancy), the "Threads of Destiny", within the aura (by entwining threads together or by shearing away knotted destinies) to create favorable outcomes and prevent undesirable fates.[1]


Practitioners are known as Weavers, weaver mages, wyrdlings, or Dream Catchers.[1]

Known practitioners seemingly included Enitharmon the Weaver and Rintrah, the Weaver Witches and Viliven the Seamstress-Queen of the Tapestry Islands, the creator of the Cloak of Levitation, the Norns, the Ginnunga-Ghosts, Those Who Dream The Suns, and the Lords of Wyrd.

Magical Items

The weaver mages also fashioned binding, crafting illusions and weaving enchantments into items, especially cloth. Most of the enchanted garments existing on Earth were allegedly woven by weaver mages. Examples includes the Cape of Mercury, the Cloak of Levitation, the Shadow Cloaks, and the Pink Mink.[1]

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