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Rejected from even the Morlocks, Bulk and Glow Worm chose to live in a New Jersey hazardous waste dump. Wanting their lives to have meaning, they chose to attack X-Factor which at that time was posing as a group of mutant-hunters. They were defeated, the truth explained, and the situation diffused.[3]

Later, while they were dying from radiation poisoning, the High Evolutionary captured them. Mirage's temporary Valkyrie powers manifested death images for them. She was attached to a power draining device, so Bulk and Glow Worm sacrificed themselves to reverse the drain, which amplified her powers. Mirage and the New Mutants escaped the High Evolutionary's ship, leaving dead Bulk and Glow Worm behind.[1]

Glow Worm was presumably resurrected by the Five on the mutant nation of Krakoa. Glow Worm seemingly got engaged and was having a bachelor's party at a water park in New Jersey, but he was unfortunately turned into a monster by a spell casted by Margali Szardos.[2]



Able to energize objects and cause them to explode.

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