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Glynis Oliver Wein was the wife of Len Wein and an employee at Marvel Comics. Together they attended a costume festival in Rutland, Vermont.[1]

Later, she asked Kurt Busiek for input on the news for the different superhero serials, but Busiek had failed to obtain this information by phoning the heroes. Captain America entered the offices to reprimand Busiek for obstructing his hotline with non-emergency calls; but Captain had been tailed by the fourth Lethal Legion, a team of supervillains aiming to kill him. Captain was joined with several other heroes in a battle royale in Marvel, scaring the Marvel staff (except for the Scourge of the Underworld, undercover as a Marvel staff member) while Jim Salicrup phoned Virginia Romita to warn that Marvel Age may be delayed.[2]


  • Mojo's "Brain Trust" was a comical fourth wall breaking group made up of staff from the Marvel Bullpen advising Mojo on new ideas for his programming. A copy of Glynis Wein was among them.[3]

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