With her husband Ilya, Glynis aided the Vision and Scarlet Witch.


Molecular Density Manipulation: Glamor can control the density of her molecules. She can become intangible, thereby able to pass through walls, or heavier, stronger and more resilient by increasing her density.

Glamor can also use her mental control to make her body separate into segments without harming herself, and then be able to rejoin the segments of her body to regain her normal form.

She also has displayed the ability to turn into a semi-liquid mass and make her body become whatever she touches like when she turned her skin into satin, or alter her appearance by creating facial paint.

She also can make herself elastic to a degree that she can enter any room through any size of hole, crack, or key hole[1]. It is unknown if she could stretch her limbs at will but it could be possible.

Strength level

Normal human female with moderate regular exercise. Her strength increases as her density does, to an unknown extent.


Various illusionist and stage magician props.

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