Gnarok was the god of doom, the death-god, among the Yggdars in a vale during the Hyborian Age. The Domain of Gnarok was told to be fiery, and was also called the "pits of the death-god".

After an era of constant war between the Yggdars and the Ossiren, who had the ability to harness their psychic energy and use it to emit deadly eye blasts, the two groups came to live together harmoniously in the vale (although apart a group from another) for centuries. Eventually, during the Age of Conan, a cult of doom and hatred arose among one of the Yggdaar clan, dedicated to revere Gnarok and revive the ancient warriors ways, the ways of Gnarok. They worshiped an idol, the god-stone, to which they offered their loot as offerings.

The blood-hungry doom cultists of the Yggdar clans, followers of Gnarok, eventually started attacking the Ossiren castles and killing their people, while the Yggdar elders, willing to live in peace the Ossiren, were unable to stop them.

Attacking the cave of the cultists -along with the son of the Ossiren king- to root the group and allow the Ossiren and the peaceful Yggdars to live together harmoniously back again, Conan fell the god-stone upon the Yggdars, crushing them and breaking itself. The Ossiren prince then used his people's ability to blast the cave ceiling, crushing or entrapping the renegade Yggdars there, with him.[1]

Gnarok, god of doom, is presumably a reference to the Asgardian Ragnarök, which means as "the doom or destruction of the gods".[2]

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