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Gnorr's Moon-Robots

Not much is known about he creature known as Gnorr. However, for whatever reasons, he set up a castle on Earth's Moon protected by an army of his Moon-Robots. Either through some unrecorded conflict or disrepair, his fortress became a shamble. In the 1940's, Simon Crane, his daughter Betty Crane, and Professor Zog traveled to the Moon with Zog's robot Electro. There, the robot was captured by Gnorr and immobilized.

Ultimately, the robot was recovered by Zog and his colleagues after they decimated Gnorr's fortress with grenades, seemingly killing him.[1]


Due to his massive head, it did not appear that Gnorr was very mobile.


Gnorr had high tech monitoring equipment in his fortress, as well as a clear dome that could cut off Electro from his remote power source. He commanded an army of "Moon-Robots" that obeyed his commands.

Given what is known about Earth's Moon, it is highly likely that Gnorr originated from another planet in the universe. However, his planet of origins remains unrevealed. It is entirely possible that Gnorr's fortress might have been created by the Kree who built an outpost on the Moon's Blue Area centuries earlier.

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