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Quote1.png Your foul "gifts" fail as you suffer the gaze of The Goat-Faced Girl! Quote2.png
The Goat-Faced Girl[src]


The Goat-Faced Girl is a member of Red Skull's S-Men that wears a goat mask. She, along with the rest of the S-Men, removed Professor X's body from his mausoleum in order to allow the Red Skull to take part of his brain and give himself telepathic powers, taking as prisoners Rogue and Scarlet Witch in the process.[1]

Along with the other S-Men, she accompanied the Red Skull to New York City. After Wolverine cut off the Red Skull's hand, she used her powers to disable his healing factor, allowing the mind-controlled Thor to knock him unconscious with Mjolnir.[2] She escaped along with the other S-Men and the Red Skull after the tide of the battle was turned on the favor of the heroes.[3]

The Goat-Faced Girl was killed by Magneto,[4] who had tracked down the Skull's activities[5] after the villain turned Genosha into a mutant concentration camp.[6]



Depletion Effect: Goat-Faced Girl has the ability to nullify the abilities of mutants in close proximity to herself. She was able to keep Rogue from using her absorption powers just by looking at her.


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