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Goats are caprine mammals.

They are considered unholy creatures,[6] and are associated (in image or as part of rituals associated to them) to evil entities such as Sahb Delanzar[7] or the Black Beast of Hell[6] (two of Shub-Niggurath's names), to the monster known as Sodatha[8] (one of Yog-Sothoth's names),[9] or Lilith, the Mother of Demons.[10]


Biblical Times

After her banishment to Hell, Lilith, appeared on Earth in the form of a goat, accompanying Mephisto who wore the form of a serpent.[10]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Circa 28,500 BC or before, an unnamed sorcerer, in the hills of Zalgara of Valusia in the middle of summer, sacrificied seven goats (with Tyre's goat, Devil Butt, last) in the name of the Black Beast of Hell with its Thousand Young to Yagotha, the Guardian of the Gate, to make him turn the key holding the Old Ones, intending to have them do his binding. Though the sorceror was killed, the summoning was a success and an icy horror came to Earth's dimension to prepare the planet for the Old Ones, until it was defeated into retreat by a hero whose name was forgotten.[6]

Hyborian Age

Mountain Goats lived in parts of Hyboria.[3][11][12][13][4][5]

In the Zamorian city of Zemizar, the goat was considered the most sacred of all creatures, due to the worship of Sahb Delenzar, the Great Goat God.

The Goat God

Slogg-Nhumazdar came to the city and pretended fealty to Sahb Delanzar and partnered with the Brotherhood of Sahb Delanzar in order to take over the slaughter houses. As the Zamoran kings conspired against Zemizar and imposed them economic sanctions, Slogg sold goat meat to maintain his lifestyle, to the displease of the Brotherhood. Conflict erupted, until Slogg offered a truce, stated that he would not sell goat meat anymore, was to marry the high priest's daughter Lissandra, and to be supervised in his own house by the high priest. Still to afford his lifestyle, Slogg started selling goat meat once again, causing tensions with the Brotherhood. He consequently hired the help of Conan to protect him.[7]

In the town of Hanghrara, in the southern desert of Zamora, goats were parts of the ceremonies of the cult of Sodatha worshiping a monster (seemingly confused for Sodatha,[8] another name of Yog-Sothoth),[9] until the cult, the monster and the city were destroyed in an event involving Conan.[8]



Flossie, Tukuk, Devil Butt

Anthropomorphical goats includes Goat Boy (Baal Lebutte) and Trash Chompson.

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