Goblin Glide-Cycle

Goblin Glide-Cycle from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 26 002
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Goblin Glide-Cycle
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By Air
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The Goblin Glide-Cycle was a vehicle designed by Norman Osborn and funded by the Countess as part of the arsenal the Goblin Army offered to the highest-bidders.

Several of Osborn's agents used Goblin Glide-Cycles to pick up their boss from a charity event in Hong Kong where he was, under a disguise, inviting people of interest to a clandestine weapons demonstration in the very same city. When Spider-Man and Silver Sable attempted to interfere with Osborn's plans, they were lured to the underground tunnel where the expo was being held.

Goblin Glide-Cycle from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 26 001

Osborn had originally planned to have the Kingslayer Mark 1 compete against the agents in Glide-Cycles, but once Spider-Man and Sable defeated them, he unleashed the Kingslayer on the heroes. The power core of one of the cycles was used by Spider-Man to destroy the Kingslayer, webbing it on the machine and having Silver Sable shoot it, causing an explosion.[1]


The Goblin Glide-Cycle runs on power cells that last longer than a Goblin Glider, all while providing more heft and maneuverability.[1]


  • The Goblin Glide-Cycle sports a stylized goblin face on the front similar to the one used on the Goblin Glider, as well as the Green Goblin's iconic green and purple color scheme.[1]

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