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The Goblins are a kind of creatures of Ten Realms.

"Goblins" were presented as an archetype among the species of the Ten Realms, along with "Elves", "Gods", "Angels", "Men" and "Giants", and like all those, they originated from Ginnungagap, the great unending nothingness, the yawning void.[1]

It is unclear if each kind of Goblins is related to another.


Muspelheim: The Fire Goblins

For more information on the Goblins of Muspelheim, please consult the Fire Demons page.

The inhabitants of Muspelheim are alternatively named Goblins, Fire Goblins, or Demons, Fire Demons...[2]


Malekith has Goblin Mages at his disposal, whom he once used to brew a potion of blood binding between himself and Roxxon CEO Dario Agger.[3]


The Cat Elves of Alfheim mentioned the presence of goblins within their territory.[4]


Other goblins have been witnessed in undisclosed locations within the Ten Realms:

  • When the Warriors Three wanted to test the new Thor's worthiness, they had her wrote a message (presumably insulting) on a cavern's wall, and the group was soon pursued by a horde of Goblins.[5]

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