Quote1.png I think I can find a god for it to kill. Quote2.png
-- Vulcan src


A survivor from the Uncreated mass suicide, who was captured by the Shi'ar. When it first awoke after it's capture, it entered a state of madness killing everything and wanting to know if the Shi'ar worshipped a god, just so it could find and kill it. Recently Vulcan has released God-Killer from prison and recruited it into his Imperial Guard.

The Praetorians were captured on Kree-Lar by Nova Prime, and imprisoned on Nu-Xandar (Ego) for their war crimes against their Nova Corps prisoners.

When Ego took back control of himself, he was transferred to Zan Philo's Corps starship Resolute Duty.


  • Telepathy: God-Killer possess telepathic abilities, which allow it to read the minds of others.
  • Claws: God-Killer possess claws, which presumably are capable of cutting through most types of flesh and natural materials.
  • Quills: God-Killer possess quills, which presumably can be used defensibly.
  • Superhuman Strength: God-Killer possess superhuman strength, to the extent which allows it to thrown a fully grown Shi'ar across a room.
  • Superhuman Durability: God-Killer possess superhuman durability, to the extent which allows it to withstand being shot by Shi'ar rifles.

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