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Quote1 As I watched them, it all made perfect sense. My bite accidentally gave them their arachnid abilities, but unbeknownst to them, they in turn gave me my human abilities. The ability to speak, comprehend, feel joy and regret, but most of all, the ability to become more than I am. Quote2


A spider got caught in a radiation test at a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by the General Techtronics Corporation. The radiation, however, seemed to be slowly killing it. Before it died it managed to bite a student from Midtown High named of Peter Parker. The spider's venom caused changes to Peter's DNA that gave him certain abilities of a spider, such as the proportionate strength and agility along with the ability to climb on any surface. He could now react to danger quickly with a "spider-sense".[2]

The spider also had time to bite another person after Peter: Cindy Moon, who got the same abilities as Spider-Man. She later took up the identity of Silk.[3]

However, rather than dying after this, as was assumed, the gamma radiation that the spider absorbed had actually transformed it into a "Hulk-Spider". Additionally, while the two she had bitten gained the abilities and strength of a spider, the spider herself gained the abilities and intelligence of a human. When she awoke she found herself trapped in a glass cage and split in two by the Isotope Genome Accelerator.[1]

A student by the name of Carl King, who witnessed Peter being bitten and connected it with the appearance of Spider-Man, broke into the facility ate one of the two spiders, hoping to gain the same powers of Spider-Man. His body began to break down over time, mutating him into a swarm of a thousand spiders sharing a single consciousness known as the Thousand.[4] The other spider maintained a connection to the Thousand until its death, hearing her own voice within each member of the swarm.[1]

Due to having been turned into a Gamma mutate, the original spider not only continued to live on but became capable of increasing her size to massive proportions. Though originally mute, she quickly learned to speak under the tutelage of the scientist who adopted her and gave her the name "Goddess". Many years later, their lab was destroyed by the Green Goblin during a fight with Silk and Spider-Man. Feeling her connection to the two of them and inspired by their heroism, Goddess left her adopted father's lab to become a hero of her own.[1]



Gamma Mutate Physiology: Goddess, after her accident, gained the standard extreme gamma-related power set, including but not limited to enhanced size, strength, and durability. Her size is especially notable, as she eventually reaches a size comparable to that of a human. Also much like the Hulk, she can naturally irradiate and mutate people through the gamma found within her body, as was the case with the creation of the Thousand.[1][4]

Spider-Sense: Goddess has a Spider-Sense similar to Peter and Cindy's, which allowed her to recognize the two many years later as her "family".[1]

Enhanced Intellect: Goddess, due to her human DNA, has demonstrated a great intelligence and vocabulary. She regularly conversed and theorized with the scientist who studied her, and greatly enjoyed reading books such as The Three Musketeers. She does still struggle with her primal urges, however, and occasionally has to feed herself on prey large enough to sustain her - typically humans. She attempts to rationalize this desire by only consuming criminals.[1]


Spider Physiology: As a spider, Goddess naturally has the proportionate strength and abilities of one at her massive size. She is also naturally capable of spinning webs and crawling on walls.[1]


  • When Spider-Man's soul was captured by the Arachnix, a race of demonic arachnids, and brought to their realm, it was revealed that the spider hatched from one of their eggs, which had been smuggled to Earth by the sorcerer Driddil.[5] The spider's spirit, which had been entwined with Spider-Man's since her death, attempted to forcibly merge with Spider-Man's soul to become something greater, but she was prevented from doing so by Doctor Strange, who vanquished her with M'Matrixx's wand.[6]
  • Ezekiel Sims told Peter that the spider that bit him was not merely radioactive, but an embodiment of a totemic spider deity - personified by the Other - that had chosen him as its avatar. While Peter was skeptical of this alternate origin story, he came to accept that they were not mutually exclusive.[7] Goddess, in spite of her given name, currently seems unaware of Ezekiel's claim.


  • Lord Chaos and Master Order once claimed credit for having orchestrated the events that led to Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, having "chosen" that destiny for Parker in the belief that his nobility and "strong heart" would one day prove vital in a battle against Thanos.[8]

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