Godfrey grew up in England with the rest of the Foursaken.

His powers were activated by the First Fallen whilst entering a rally with Jamie in the desert. There he and the rest of the Foursaken met the First Fallen who activated their latent powers and choose them to represent earth in his paradise world. Jamie would refuse, flee and end being tortured and driven insane which activated his power.

Years later Godfrey and his teammates returned to bring the Fallen to earth realm. They captured Jamie and several soul to preform the ritual that will bring the Fallen to earth. However, their plan was fouled by the X-Men which caused them all to be sucked to the Fallen singing city.

There, Godfrey and his teammates learned that the Fallen would have only them in the city and freeze the earth rendering human inert. So he along the rest of the Foursaken and the X-men rebelled against the Fallen. Horrocks was killed in the process and Jamie returned everyone to earth. Synge was angry at Psylocke for leaving Jamie, the man she loved, behind, but Godfrey calmed her and told her that they should find something else to do with their life from now on.[1]


Technopathy: Calthrop has the power to control machines and/or technology.

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