Rev. Godfrey Gander was the High Priest of the WACkies, a religious group on Duckworld. He misinterpreted Howard's words, "Get Down!" as meaning to give up, leave if your problems became too much.[1]

The WACkies were funded by billionaire Scrounge McDrake, allowing them to gain great political power. However, Howard mysteriously returned and denounced their ideals. Rev. Gander plotted their former messiah's downfall. He sent Dr. Ludwig von Cluck to expose the full nature of Howard's affair with the human; Beverly Switzler, and then tried to shoot him. [1]

After Howard was sent back to Earth-616 by Ducktor Strange, he figured that he and Scrounge McDrake could restart the the WACkies and take control of all of Duckworld, though Truman Capoultry planned to expose their farce.[1]

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