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The Godhead was a Celestial silently overseeing the planet Viscardi over twelve billion years ago. The appearance of an extraterrestrial being in Viscardi motivated their inhabitants to explore the universe, even though all of their attempts at exiting their planet using spaceships failed.

After a ninth failed attempt, Viscardi Gara confronted the silent Celestial, trying to explain to him what ambition felt like for her species and how they only wanted to be closer to him, and to know the cosmos. The Godhead acknowledged Gara's speech, and raised his hand, creating before her the Black Vortex.

One year after this event, every Viscardi had succumbed to the Black Vortex's power and fought each other until Gara was the sole survivor of her species. After killing the last other remaining Viscardi, Gara once again confronted the Godhead, asking him if the annihilation of her species is what he sought. The Godhead merely departed the planet with no reply.[1]


  • Godhead bears a bit of resembleance to Apocalypse, specifically the top of the head, the lips, the blue and gray color secheme and the symbol at their belts that appear to be a 'A'.

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