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Physical Characteristics
72 centimeters in length[3]
1,400 grams[3]
Lead Designer
Immortal Blacksmith with No Name[1][3]
Place of Creation
Place of Destruction
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Ages ago there was a war between the Greek gods and the Japanese gods. Zeus and Amatsu-Mikaboshi separately told a single blacksmith to forge a weapon for them. The blacksmith crafted two swords: one perfect, called Grasscutter; the other flawed, called Godkiller. Godkiller was given to Zeus, but ended up being lost as time went by.[1]

Throughout the ages, Godkiller passed into many hands, having killed kings, emperors, and even made a god bleed at the hands of a mortal. It was ultimately acquired by the Kraken and passed on to the Gorgon,[2] who wielded it in battle against the Grasscutter-wielding Phobos years later. Both swords broke during the battle, but that didn't stop the Gorgon from using his broken blade to kill his opponent.[4] The broken Godkiller remained on the corpse of Phobos as Gehenna, site of his fight against the Gorgon, collapsed.[5]

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