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The Godkiller was a powerful weapon created eons ago by the Aspirants to battle the Celestials during the final battle of the Celestial War. It was piloted strictly by people on a "genetically imprinted short leash." Despite its success to cull the Celestials' numbers, the suit was stripped for key components to build the Aspirants' fleet, just before they entered in a civil war which bought the Celestials enough time to recover and crush them.[1]

The Godkiller remained stored in a Dyson sphere for eons. The Rigellian Recorder 451 learned of its existence and spent hundreds of years looking for it and salvaging its parts, with the last of them having become known as the Heart of the Voldi. 451 planned for the Godkiller to be used as a nuclear deterrent of Earth, as he believed humanity had the potential to bring universal peace in the future. However, 451 needed a pilot for the Godkiller since the machine's autopilot function was extremely clumsy.[1] To this end, 451 genetically engineered the unborn child of Howard Stark, one of the people whose possible offspring 451 determined was best suitable for becoming the Godkiller's pilot.[2]

Years later, 451 met the son of Howard, Tony Stark, now the superhero Iron Man, and told him about his secret origin, ultimately bringing him to the Dyson Sphere and forcing him to become one with the armor.[3] When 451 discovered Stark couldn't pilot the Godkiller, and concluded all the atrocities he committed as part of his plan were worth nothing, and decided the giant armor couldn't fall in anyone's hands. Before shutting himself down, 451 activated a mechanism to transport the Godkiller to another dimension, with the intention to take Stark with it.[4] Before the dimensional shift began, Stark managed to use 451's tech to hack into the Godkiller, opening a pathway to escape before it was too late.[5]

Tony later discovered he couldn't pilot the Godkiller because he wasn't the baby 451 had genetically engineered. The programmed pilot was his long-time lost secret brother Arno.[6] Years later, Tony Stark would create the Godkiller Armor MK II based on the original suit.[7]


  • Not to be mistaken for Tony Stark's Deep-Space Armor, also known as the Godkiller Armor for having debuted in the storyline of the same name, or the Godbuster Armor, which has been alternatively referred to as the Godkiller Armor.
  • Even though the Godkiller Armor disappeared from the universe, Tony Stark has expressed that he knows how to gain access to it again.[8]


  • The Godkiller Armor was designed by Matteo Scalera with input by Kieron Gillen. Gillen wanted it to evoke the celestial and cosmic spheres, to look simultaneously predatory and animalistic but somewhat elegant, and to have detailing similar to the Celestials.[9]
  • Had Kieron Gillen not left Iron Man before he expected, the culmination of his run would have featured the return of the Godkiller Armor, which would have fought an equally-enormous suit.[10]

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