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9th century

Nubian settles from northern Sudan brought their worship of the gods of Egypt to Burunda.[2]

Modern days

While monotheism spread in Egypt and caused the end of the Helipolitans' worship, some Heliopolitans are still worshiped in Wakanda as the Orisha of Wakanda,[3] notably Bast (the Panther God), as the patron deity of the nation,[4] but also Ptah and Thoth.[3]

Sekhmet (the Lion God) and Sobek (the Crocodile God) are as well patron of less influential East African cults.[4]


The status of some beings known as Egyptian deities among this group is unclear:

  • The man named Dara was allegedly an Egyptian god.[5]
  • While Gaea seemingly held some role among them as Neith,[6] it is unknown if the Demiurge did as well under his Egyptian name Nun.

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