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According to the griot spirits of the Djalia, the Orisha originated during immemorial times in the land that would become Wakanda. When the pilgrims who traveled to this land entered in conflict with the native beasts that lived on it, the Originators, the heroes that rose among the humans were ascended to gods on faith. These gods, the Orisha, were Thoth, Kokou, Mujaji, Ptah, Nyami and Bast. The humans and the Orisha defeated the originators and banished them to the Nether-Realms beyond a group of gates. As part of their duty, the Orisha became guardians of these gates.[2]

Modern Era


After the attack led by Tetu's army on Birnin Zana, T'Challa wondered where the Gods had been in those times of trouble, and started to investigate on the matter.[1]

In Kinamasi, a faction of protesters abandoned their worship to the Orishas and preached the coming of a new god, Sefako. Counselor Yao of Kinamasi was certain that a schism was brewing.[3] Others in Wakanda, such as in the Alkama Fields chose, on her return, to worship Hadari Yao (the "Walker of Clouds" in the old Alkamite tongue), the Goddess who preserves the balance of all natural things: Storm, for her to defeat the Anansi, man-spiders of myth and legend. Once the Anansi were repelled, Ororo used the belief in her from the Alkamites to once again inspire confidence in their king and country,[4] ultimately ascending to godhood herself.[5]


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