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The Godstone is the essence of the former god of the Other Realm, which bestows the power of the Stargod upon whoever it bonds to by rewriting their genetic code in a manner not unlike a Klyntar Symbiote.[3]


Centuries ago, when the Other Realm's god grew old and weak, he opened a portal to Earth's Moon to die peacefully, leaving the Godstone behind as his crystallized life force.[4] Astronaut John Jameson found the Godstone on a geological mission to the Moon. The jewel bonded itself to his throat, and, extending its tendrils throughout his entire body, transformed him into the lycanthropic Man-Wolf.

When Jameson fought Spider-Man in this bestial form, Spider-Man seemingly removed the gem:[5] as its power had become part of Jameson's body, however, the gem later reconstituted itself inside him during his military career in Afghanistan, at which time he became uncontrollable and killed a whole Taliban training camp.[3] From then, the transformation would reoccur at moments of high stress, and the Godstone would again regenerate any time it was removed or destroyed.[6]

As an Agent of Wakanda, Jameson used the Godforce in the stone to feed the hungry alien entity Entea.[7]


Divine Empowerment: The wearer of the Godstone becomes the Other Realm's Stargod, wielding the absolute power of a god (called the Godforce) when within the Other Realm.[8]

  • Energy Absorption: Even when outside of the Other Realm, the Stargod gains lycanthropic power from "lunar radiation", possibly stemming from the portal to the Other Realm, which the Stargod can also draw energy from.[1][8]
  • Energy Emission: The Stargod's command over the Godforce allows them to emit it from the Godstone, which can be used as an energy source by other energy-absorbing beings.[7]

Weaknesses: The user only has access to the Godforce while the Godstone is still intact; if it is removed from the body or otherwise destroyed, its host will be helpless until it grows back.[9]

Alternate Realities[]

Image Description Issue
Godstone from Spider-Island Vol 1 1 On Earth-19919, the Godstone was recovered by Agent Venom's Resistance. The stone was given to Spider-King, freeing him from Spider-Queen's control and transforming him into the Man-Wolf. Spider-Island #1

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