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A cosmic artifact of tremendous size, the Godwheel is a relatively flat disc that extends 400,000,000 miles from the inner hole to the outer rim, and the inner hole contains binary dwarf stars orbiting each other in a 30,000,000 mile gap. In other words, the Godwheel is a continuous, habitable area that physically covers the same surface area as the orbit of Jupiter around the Sun. The Godwheel contains many realms at the same time. Most of these realms are many times larger than the surface of the Earth, so often the individual realms are completely unaware of each other. The Godwheel itself was created by unknown hands, and the Gods of Vahdala were its caretakers for some time.[1]

Most stories in the Ultraverse stem from the Godwheel in some way. Topaz of UltraForce; Lord Pumpkin, the alien half of the Solution, and many others originated in one of the Godwheel's realms. The triploid genetic strands used by Doc Gross to turn Kevin Green into Prime also came from the Godwheel. Finally, the so-called "Entity on the Moon" responsible for sending out Jumpstarts that created Ultras on Earth since the dawn of mankind also originated from the Godwheel.


  • Tavon: Lord Tavon was the widowed ruler of a kingdom on the Godwheel. He made the mistake of bringing Necromantra into his bed, and she killed him after becoming Lady Tavon.[2]
  • Arielle: Daughter of Lord Tavon.[2]

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