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The Thing

Appearing in ""A Night at the Museum""

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Synopsis for ""A Night at the Museum""

With Godzilla roaming through the streets of New York City at risk of growing back to his full size at any moment, the Godzilla Squad continues to track the beast until they can contain it without hurting innocents. While at the Baxter building, the Fantastic Four hear the media reports of the creature's travel through New York and Reed decides that this a case for the Fantastic Four to investigate.

With the Godzilla Squad having lured the monster into the New York History Museum, the group are joined by the Fantastic Four who offer to subdue the monster and help them find a humane way to end Godzilla's menace. Battling the monster, the Thing knocks the creature into a giant shark tank.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Heinl pages 2-17.

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