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Synopsis for "The Devil and the Dinosaur!"

As Godzilla aids Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur in repelling an attack by the Lizard Men, back on present day Earth, everyone is taking some much needed R&R time after battling Godzilla so long. Robert, however, is upset that they sent Godzilla to another time period where he may get killed. While in Reed's lab, Dr. Doom's time machine starts to become unstable after being exposed to Godzilla's radioactive physiology and is at risk of exploding.

Back on Moon-Boy's world, Godzilla, Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur successfully manage to repel the invading Lizard Men and save Moon-Boy's home of Flame Valley. At that time Godzilla suddenly resumes his original size. While on present-day Earth, Reed has the time machine taken to a safe place, but instead of exploding, it transports the full-sized Godzilla back to the present at full size, smack in the middle of New York City.

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