Gog is a hunter working for Mojo. He usually partners with his father, Ma'gog. When he was sent to retrieve Longshot, he took a much smaller and cuter form. Pretending to just stumble upon Longshot he accompanied him when he first came to Earth and acted like a harmless creature whom Longshot named "Pup." As time went on "Pup" grew larger and developed a more fearsome aspect while at the same time Gog began questioning how he felt about Longshot, even saving his life at one point. Eventually Gog angrily left, vowing to destroy Longshot. Gog tormented Longshot and his friends while growing larger and larger from feeding off the magic left in Longshot's wake. Finally Longshot, along with Dr. Strange, was confronted by "Pup," who told Longshot to call him Gog n'Magog, and began fighting him. Dr. Strange told Longshot to destroy Gog, but he was torn about killing his "friend." Gog had no problem attacking Longshot though, absorbing more of his magic and growing even bigger. Dr. Strange then began feeding Gog more and more magic until he was ready to burst, then instructed Longshot to throw a blade at Gog. and after some soul-searching, Longshot did so, causing Gog to explode.[1]

Gog later appeared with his father hunting the X-Babies,[2] and later still, they captured Shatterstar for Mojo and fought X-Force.[3]

Mojo Worldwide

When Magneto and Polaris created a massive electromagnetic pulse on Mojoworld, it severed Mojo's ties to the Mojoverse and stranded him and his followers in the Prime Marvel Universe. There they established a new base in the sewers beneath the Empire State Building with plans to begin broadcasting the Mojo News Network.[4]

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