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Gog and other demons hunted Longshot where he escaped on Earth.[2] They finally captured him in the Con Ed power plant and used some experimental diamonds to return to their home dimension.[4]

When Magneto and Polaris created a massive electromagnetic pulse on Mojoworld, it severed Mojo's ties to the Mojoverse and stranded him and his followers in the Prime Marvel Universe. There they established a new base in the sewers beneath the Empire State Building with plans to begin broadcasting the Mojo News Network.[1]


  • Initially in Longshot #1, this character refers to himself as "Gog" and his son as "MaGog." Subsequent issues keep this name until X-Men (Vol. 2) #47 when Sugah calls him "MaGog," and Jean Grey calls him "Ma'Gog," likely mistakenly. He remains unnamed in subsequent appearances until X-Men: Blue #15 when refers to himself as "MaGog." This may mean that he has changed his name, or the writers have carried on this incorrect naming. The appendix doesn't include the X-Men: Blue appearance in its history, but asserts his name is Gog.

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