Gog was discovered and raised by Kraven the Hunter when the spaceship which the later was on crashed in the Savage Land.[2] Gog took Gwen Stacy hostage by order of Kraven when she, J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker, and Mr. Calkin were on a mission in the Savage Land.[3] With the help of Ka-Zar, Spider-Man (secretly Parker), in an attempt to rescue Stacy, seemingly outwitted Gog when the alien fell into quicksand,[2] but Gog was in fact rescued by The Plunderer, Ka-Zar's brother. The Plunderer used Gog to help commit crimes, until the creature grew bored and wandered away.

Gog was later forced by Dr. Octopus to join the third incarnation of the Sinister Six. After the team's defeat, Reed Richards shrunk Gog down to a smaller size, and seemingly relocated the creature to the Haizlip realm.

Gog later appeared on Monster Isle when Shadowcat and Magik appeared to look for a mutant girl named Bo. Gog was among the monsters that attacked the three until Magik teleported herself, Shadowcat, and Bo to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[4]

Power Grid [8]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Super Strength


A pair of bracelets that, when touched together, could teleport Gog to the location of his choosing.

  • Gog appeared to continue growing in size through out the years. During his first encounter with Spider-Man, he was 30'0" tall.[5] Prior to Reed Richards' shrinking of Gog, the creature had grown to 300'0".[6]

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