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Although native to the planet Broi in the Wyllys system of the Milky Way galaxy,[3] the Tsiln who came to be known as Gog was born in the realm of Haizlip and given to a Haizli prince as a pet, while another Tsilin was given to the princess. When the Haizli engaged in civil war, the loyalist populace was evacuated; however, the cargo ship carrying the Tsilin crash-landed on Earth.[2]

Gog with his original master

The crash site was discovered by Kraven the Hunter,[4] who named the creature after the biblical Gog,[3] and raised it as his own,[4] until one day he had it take Gwen Stacy hostage when she, J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker, and Richard Calkin were on a mission in the Savage Land.[5]

With the help of Ka-Zar, Spider-Man, in an attempt to rescue Stacy, seemingly outwitted Gog when the alien fell into quicksand,[4] but Gog was in fact rescued by Ka-Zar's brother, the Plunderer. The Plunderer used Gog to help commit crimes, until the creature grew bored, and wandered away.[6]

Gog was later forced by Doctor Octopus to join the third incarnation of the Sinister Six. After the team's defeat, Reed Richards shrunk Gog down to a smaller size,[7] using Pym Particles,[2] and returned the creature to the realm of Haizlip.[3]

However, Gog's new diminutive size left him an outcast and he fled, ending up on Earth-177. He came under the mental control of the native Doctor Octopus and Sinister Six. He was freed by the Web Warriors after they revealed the truth to him and restored himelf to his true size and returned to Haizlip [8]

Watching his master die

There Gog witnessed the end of the Haizli civil war, as the queen had discovered the Lifeline Tablet,[2] which had been banished to her realm by Doctor Strange,[9] and she believed would aid her faction in battle; however, the prince died in the invasion. The queen then shattered the Lifeline Tablet and tasked Gog with returning the fragments to Earth, asking that he guard one piece to ensure that it did not fall into the wrong hands.[2]

After Boomerang rendered Gog unconscious with a sleeperang, Peter and Jamie fashioned him with an Inhibitor Collar to prevent him from using the Pym Particles, then Peter and Fred brought Gog home to Randy Robertson for the trio to keep as a pet.[10]


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Super Strength[11]

Size Reduction: Because of the Pym Particles in his bloodstream, Gog can reduce himself in size, down to just a few feet tall.[10]

Size Addition: In addition to being able to shrink, Gog can grow in size as well, up to a towering three-hundred feet tall.[3]



A pair of bracelets that, when touched together, could teleport Gog to the location of his choosing.[11]


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