Professor Gojo was a spy for Imperial Japan that was active during World War II. By the summer of 1942, for unspecified reasons, he was considered a valued asset to American defense and was one of the few Japanese nationals living in the United States that was not confined to the internment camps. The American authorities were completely unaware that Gojo was a spy plotting an invasion of the Pacific Coast. In the interim, Gojo also trained other Japanese agents in the art of murder, and he took a perverse pleasure in keeping trophies of all his kills.

Gojo (Earth-616) from All Winners Comics Vol 1 6 002


When an American spy learned of the location of the island where Gojo's planned invasion was located, he had the map tattooed on his scalp in an effort to smuggle the information out of Japan and back to the United States. When high ranking officials within Imperial Japan learned of this, they sent word to Gojo. Gojo tracked down the man and scalped him. The murder was witnessed by the Sub-Mariner who then attempted to stop Gojo. Gojo stabbed the Sub-Mariner in the shoulder with his knife and fled the scene. Because he was masked at the time of the murder, Gojo was the last suspect on the police's radar, who arrested famous Native American film star Johnny Feather-In-Hat as a suspect.

The Sub-Mariner however was not convinced and using old fashioned detective work learned that Gojo was the man who purchased the knife he was stabbed with. The Sub-Mariner arrived at Gojo's home and confronted the spy in the middle of one of his murder training sessions. He learned the reason behind the murder and of the planned invasion. However, in attempting to apprehend Gojo, the Sub-Mariner was knocked out and shackled to a wall while the air raid began. Freeing himself, the Sub-Mariner confronted Gojo once again, who committed suicide due to the dishonor he felt for his foe breaking free.

The Sub-Mariner soon used the scalp of Gojo's victim to track down the Japanese island base and with the aid of the Navy destroyed the island, ending the invasion.[1]


Gojo was armed with various knives and bladed weapons.

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