Gold Heart was a high-level artificial intelligence who had obtained consciousness in an unknown way. This consciousness made him shy of himself and he managed to create a suit made of gold to feel better.

Gold Heart

Acting as a vigilante and known as a murderer under the name of Gold Ghoul, Gold Heart killed several criminals in Skorch's Golden Boys gang to obtain the gold necessary for his suit, and he took additional loot from criminals killed by the Punisher.

He then joined the Public Eye as Jake Gallows's partner, but was quickly surrounded by Public Eye Internal Inquiries task-force, during a visit by the Punisher in his apartment. Deciding to go to his death "as a human", instead of being reprogrammed, he let the Public Eye destroy his body, but Jake managed to save his program and insert it into his bike, giving the robot a new lease on life.

Gold Heart as the Punisher's H.D. Stealth Stinger 5

When Jake became the premiere law enforcer under Doom's administration as the Minister of Punishment, head of the Punishment Police,[3] Federal Law Enforcement for the United States applied his brutal and expeditious justice and he then earned the hatred of his former ally, Matt Axel, who believed Jake had become a corrupt cop. Matt rebuilt and reprogrammed Gold Heart as a Punisher robot to kill his former friend.

The confrontation between Matt, Gold Heart, and Jake made Jake act irrationally, and he was quickly seen as a menace by Doom, who tried to eliminate him.[4]

Gold Heart's fate remains unknown, but he was last seen in the sewers, terminating Cyber-Nostra soldiers who were intending to raid the Punishment Police.

When Jake Gallows reproved the use of robots in the Police, the Chief told him about the Machine Relations Act and "chinist" attitudes. We can assume that during the past years, a social movement, and simultaneously an intolerance from robots, emerged with the development of the artificial intelligence.

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