The Golden Angel was an agent of Heaven[1] who was given vast power and sent by his master[3] for centuries to oppose the vampire Dracula.[1]

Due to his background of having angelic masters and the power of shooting light from his eyes, Ian McNee hypothesized a possible involvement of Oshtur.[4]

Early years

Among his actions, during the mid-17th century,[2] he covertly stopped him from executing a rebellious Spanish at the time Dracula was the ruler of a small province in Spain.

IN 1870, he prevented him from wrestling control of Austria from humans, after he stormed Vienna with his Vampire horde.[3]

Modern days

More recently, he revealed himself to Dracula, who thought that he was in fact an agent of Satan. He allowed Dracula to kill him, his spirit then fled and entered the Dark Church of Dracula,[3] where he possessed Dracula's dead son Janus, turning him into an adult and using him to confront over and over Dracula.

After Quincy Harker seemingly slew Dracula, the Golden Angel left Janus' body, restored it as a living infant and returned him to his mother Domini.[1]


The Golden Angel was allegedly given enough power by his master to destroy Dracula, and he to able to force his will to surrender, and abandoned his doings.[3]

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