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The Golden Gate Bridge is a red painted suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links San Francisco, California to Marin County. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and California.



The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the many monuments around the world destroyed by Loki using a mind controlled Thor, though other Asgardian gods later promised to repair them all and erase their destructions from the minds of mankind.[1]

The bridge was destroyed again later by the villanous Brute in a fight against Adam Warlock, though the latter was quick to repair the damage.[2]

The bridge became the battleground to another fight when Spider-Man was attacked by Werewolf by Night. Their fight ended when Werewolf fell off the bridge and into the water.[3] While on vacation, Spider-Man would return to the Golden Gate Bridge just as an earthquake caused several accidents. He saved a painter from falling off the top of the bridge and carried a woman, who was in a car accident, to the nearest hospital.[4]

Several years ago, the Golden Gate Bridge became one of many popular landmarks terrorized by the mutated dinosaur known as Godzilla. The anti-espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and the impromptu S.H.I.E.L.D. task force known as the Godzilla Squad arrived to safeguard the San Francisco Bay area. Also assisting them in their struggle against Godzilla' rampage were the Champions of Los Angeles. The battle caused widespread damage, including the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge (though it has long since been rebuilt)[5].

Some time later, the bridge was severely damaged during an earthquake, and was held together by She-Hulk. Eventually she began to lose her grip, but only let go once everyone had made it safely off the bridge. She fell into the water along with a few cars, but made it safely to shore in her powered-down form.[6]

Another hero that fell off the bridge was Carol Danvers in the aftermath of her first fight with Rogue. Moments before hitting the water Carol was picked up and rescued by Spider-Woman.[7][8][9] Rogue would come back to the Golden Gate Bridge later as part of the X-Men, who battled the Marauders, but ultimately had to flee them.[10]

Later on Tigra would jump off the bridge on purpose to test her strength and beat her fear of water. After a perfect landing she climbed onto a sailboat, where her colleagues from the West Coast Avengers were waiting for her. They were then attacked by Tiger Shark, whom they managed to defeat.[11]

A few years later, the Golden Gate Bridge was nearly destroyed when a Roxxon oil tanker slammed into one of the support pylons. Iron Man and the neophyte super-hero Stratosfire repaired the suspension cables and ushered trapped motorists to safety[12].

Some time later another fight occurred on the Golden Gate Bridge, this one between Venom and the Jury. The fight ended with Venom hiding under a truck and the Jury flying off.[13] Venom returned to the bridge later alongside Morbius to confront the the Demogoblin and his army of goblins, though it turned out that there was need for a confrontation once the Demogoblin turned on his own followers and flew away.[14]

At some point in time, Kaine Parker forced Elizabeth Tyne atop the Golden Gate Bridge with him. Though at first he threatened to push her off the bridge, he then offered her to instead leave Ben Reilly by faking her own death.[15]

At another point in time, Violet Lightner jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to take her own life. She was saved by the Tactigon, which attached to her arm and used a grappling hook get her to safety.[15] Later on, another suicidal teenage girl had attempted to jump off the bridge, but had changed her mind and was stuck dangling, hanging on to her life. When her hand slipped and she began to fall, she was rescued by Angel quickly.[16]

In recent years, the Golden Gate Bridge was the sight of a massive battle between the Hulk and the "Red Hulk". After a prolonged slugfest, the Red Hulk got the upper hand by breaking the Hulk's arm. Their battle was interupted by the arrival of Thor, who fought against the Red Hulk before moving their battle elsewhere[17]. The fight however created a crack in the San Andreas fault line and a coalition of super-heroes including members of the Mighty Avengers and the Fantastic Four arrived to help keep the bridge from collapsing into the bay. The Sub-Mariner even summoned the might of great Atlantean creatures such as the Giganto to keep the bridge in place so they could affect repairs.[18]

At a later point in time, Mystique threatened to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge while she sat on top of it with a dead-man switch in her hand. Iceman went up to her to confront her. He froze Mystique's hand around her switch just before her bomb had been found. She then used her frozen arm to punch Iceman before jumping off the bridge.[19] The bridge was under bomb threats again later by a group of zombified US presidents, who were quickly defeated by Deadpool.[20]

A group of young X-Men later battled a group of Neos on the Golden Gate Bridge.[21]

Later on, the giant monster Phorcys made Venus user her powers to get a large group of people to jump down the bridge in order for him to catch and eat them. The Agents of Atlas intervened to save everyone, though the bridge was partially damaged during their fight with Phorcys.[22] They finally managed to get Venus back on their side on Phorcys to retreat.[23]

Some time later, Bastion caused a giant red dome to form over a large part of California. The X-Men found a smaller, silver dome on the Golden Gate Bridge and concluded that it was powering the dome. This dome turned out to be a portal, through which Nimrod Sentinels appeared and attacked.[24] The X-Men fought them until they managed to retreat to come up with a strategy, until more nimrods emerged.[25] Once a few X-Men made it to the future, Cypher managed to defeat the Master Mold that created the nimrods and thereby stopped them coming through the portal and shut down the ones that had made it through already.[26] Soon the portal collapsed, seemingly destroying Cable's body just after he held it open long enough for his teammates to get back to the present. Bastion arrived a short time later, attacking the other X-Men that had gathered on the bridge and severely damaging the Golden Gate Bridge. He died, however, in battle with Hope Summers, after which the giant dome around California disappeared.[27]

When San Franciscio suffered another earthquake some time later, Magneto managed to keep the Golden Gate Bridge an all cars on it stable.[28]

The Golden Gate Bridge was later used in a stunt by a new Stunt-Master, who announced that he would cross the bridge on its suspenders. Daredevil then interfered, only to agree to a race, although he realised that the young Stunt-Mast had secretly gotten the original Stunt-Master to replace him as a double. When it looked like Daredevil might win the race, the new Stunt-Master blew up his bike remotely. Daredevil jumped off it just in time to save himself and the original Stunt-Master, to then go after the new one.[29]

The Golden Gate Bridge was later destroyed by the Shi'ar to show what they were capable of.[29]

A battle between Iron Man and several of his animated armors later culminated on and above the Golden Gate Bridge, despite Tony's protests that it was cliché as a battling ground.[30]

Later, whily trying to catch Unicorn, the new Giant-Man accidentally got entangled in the suspender ropes.[31] After some training with Ant-Man, however, he learned how to jump over the bridge.[32]

The Superior Octopus would later fight Count Nefaria on the Golden Gate Bridge. Otto won by threatening to kill Nefaria's family.[33]

Later on, while crossing the bridge, Carl Brock was stopped and kidnapped by Venom.[34]

Alternate Universes[]

X-Men Cinematic Universe (Earth-10005)[]

Alcatraz Island from X-Men The Last Stand 0001

The Golden Gate Bridge moved by Magneto to act as passage to Alcatraz

When Magneto was leading his Brotherhood of Mutants to overtaken Alcatraz and destroy The Cure, he moved the entire Golden Gate Bridge as a passageway for his army.[35]


On this Earth the Golden Gate Bridge, along with many other parts of the world, was destroyed by Magneto before he died, by reaching into the Earth's molten core and splitting the planet.[36]


At some point in the history of this Eart, the Golden Gate Bridge was destroyed.[37]


This is another reality in which Magneto used his powers to move the entire bridge from where it was built.


On this Earth, the Avengers fought and lost to a horde of zombies on the Golden Gate Bridge.[38]

Domain of Apocalypse[]

In this part of the Battlerealm, a fight between the X-Men and the Horsemen of Apocalypse led to the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge.[39]

Unknown Reality[]

Golden Gate Bridge from Loki (TV Series) 1 5 001

A Golden Gate Bridge from an unknown reality pruned to the Void

A Golden Gate Bridge from an unknown reality was seen among the stuff pruned to the Void by the TVA[40]

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