Golden Gator (Earth-616)

KhLΘG (Earth-616) in the form of Golden Gator (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 3 1 0001.jpg


The origins of the creature known as the Golden Gator are unrevealed.

A creature who identified itself as the Golden Gator was encountered by The Human Torch and The Thing in the sewers under New York while he prepared to lead an army of sewer gators in an invasion of the surface. The Gator fought The Torch and The Thing, but retreated from the fight when the streets above the sewers started collapsing around them.[1] It was later revealed by Dr. Strange that the Golden Gator encountered by the duo was in fact the mystical beast known as KhLΘG in disguise.[1][2]

The actual Golden Gator was at some point recruited as a part of the supernatural response team The Howling Commandos. The Gator was a part of the squad that launched an assault against Merlyn.[3]

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