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Project: Sentry started in March of 1947, when a joint American/Canadian government operation employed former Nazi scientists and material from the Canadian program Weapon X in an effort to re-create the Super-Soldier Serum and magnify its effects a thousand times over. Cold War politics interfered with the project, and roughly thirty years later, the program had become fragmented into sub-operations with outsourced research and no central administration properly guiding it. One of the recipients of outsourced work was an unnamed professor, who perfected the formula into the Golden Sentry Serum.[citation needed]

Robert Reynolds, a former meth addict broke into the laboratory of Professor Cornelius. He consumed the compound intending to get high, and obtained remarkable solar-based superhuman abilities. All samples of the serum were destroyed afterwards and the program was shut down since the project's personnel were terrified of the unprecedented effect of the serum's unauthorized use and the implication that Reynolds could share the power with others.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions

The Age of the Sentry (Earth-1611)

According to Cranio, the serum actually makes a human's physiognomy capable of hosting a limitless interdimensional energy force created from an alternate dimension where millions of Earths are destroyed and remade by a cosmic being known as Destroyer Darkmass. Whoever hosts that energy force gains its power while creating a secondary timeline which alters the timestream of the host's universe, and creates a negative force such as the Void to exist as a counterbalance for the host universe to function.[3]


  • As a method to control Reynolds after he was brought into Project Sentry to test his new-found abilities, the professor gave him a false explanation for the serum's effects and deceived him into believing he required regular re-applications of it, which were actually harmless saline injections. The deception caused Reynolds to develop a psychosomatic addiction to the false serum.[2]

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