Goldie was a Centaurian child living on a planet that had been pulled into The Train, an engine the size of a planetary system that consumed the planets on its path, stripping them of resources before using them to fuel its furnace. Goldie and her brothers were left by their father to fend for themselves.

Together with her brothers, Goldie made a deal with another scavenger who would help them leave the planet in exchange for a device left by the Roxxon Corporation of Earth. When they came into conflict with Roxxon agents, all of Goldie's brothers were killed. Goldie managed to escape with the device, but the scavenger refused to follow through with the deal since Goldie and her brothers were supposed to deliver the artifact the previous night. A Roxxon agent killed the scavenger, dropping his body on top of Goldie, and escaped with the device to exchange it with Scrab Tongue for passage into his ship. After fending off two aliens that tried to steal her boots while she was immobilized by the scavenger's corpse, Goldie approached Scrab Tongue after he had turned down the Roxxon agent, and tried to reclaim the device with no success.

Goldie then encountered the Silver Surfer, who was on a mission on the doomed planet to find a life worth sparing to convince Galactus not to find sustenance in the Train's planets. After the Silver Surfer defeated Scrab Tongue and his crewmen, and acquired the device, the Roxxon agent confronted him to reclaim the artifact. Goldie used her Yaka Arrows to kill the Roxxon agent, much to the Surfer's objection. Galactus determined no life on the planet was worth sparing, and prepared to consume it, but Goldie expressed no fear of him. The Surfer pointed Goldie to a vehicle left behind by Roxxon that she could use to escape from the planet before its destruction.[1] Whether Goldie took Silver Surfer's advice and used the vehicle or not is unknown.


Harmonica: Goldie used an harmonica to control her Yaka Arrows.[1]


Yaka Arrows[1]

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