During the Fear, a couple of Smoke Elves assassins,[1] worshipers of the Serpent,[2] manipulated Tooth, a Dwarf of Nidavellir who had lost a fight against Tony Stark during his time in the Workshops of Svartalfheim and wanted revenge.[3]

As Stark was crafting weapons to oppose the Serpent, the Smoke Elves intended to kill him by fashioning a Golem out of mud. One of the Elves collected Stark's DNA using Tooth, before executing him.[3]

The golem was then released, attacking Stark during the night.[3] As it was draining Stark, eating him alive, Splitlip (the ruler of the workshops) and his brethren attacked the golem (now shaped like Iron Man), giving the chance for Stark to destroy it and restore himself to full strength.[1]

The couple of Smoke Elves assassins were found by the Dwarves, and Splitlip stated they would be killed soon.[1]

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