Gomar was a member of King Kull's Red Slayers, a group of the finest warriors of Valusia. Gomar and a group of Slayers accompanied Kull and Brule on their journey to find the fabled temple of the Serpent-Men. After being injured in an ambush by the Serpent-Men, Gomar was left behind while Kull led the healthy members of the group towards the temple.

In the time that the rest of the group was gone, Gomar was tended to by his companians, and bandaged up. When Kull and company returned, they brought along Thulsa Doom, a man found avenging his fiancé's death in the temple. Gomar attempted to voice objection to Kull's decision to bring Doom to Valusia, but at that moment, Gomar succumbed to his injuries, and fell off his horse to the ground, dead.[1]

Powers and Abilities


As a Red Slayer, it can be assumed that Gomar was well-versed in combat.



Had a set of armor, which included a shield, helmet and chain-mail.


Broad sword.


Rode a horse.

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