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Years ago, archaeologists discovered the Tomb of Gomdulla, discovering the giant mummy of Gomdulla himself. They placed him on display in an Egyptian museum where he remained for a number of years. One day, two youths were horsing around near the feet of the giant behemoth and accidentally stuck a secret stud in his left foot, releasing the colossus from his slumber. When he awoke, Gomdulla smashed through the museum walls and disappeared for several weeks.

Interpol learned of a new cult which had sprung up in Egypt and sent one of its top detectives to put an end to it. Several days later the agent followed a cultist back to Gomdulla's liar and believed his high priest to be in charge of the Cult. The priest demanded more and more money and riches to be piled up in front of the body of Gomdulla. The agent pulled his gun and tried to arrest the priest, it was then that he came to the realization that Gomdulla himself really was alive. Gomdulla swat the gun out of the man's hand and used his power of telekinesis to hurl giant stone at him. Just as things looked bleakest for the agent, the priest himself found the secret stub in the giant's foot and sent him back into a deep slumber. The priest then revealed to the officer that Gomdulla was actually not a pharoah, but an alien being that had come to Egypt ages ago, he supposedly terrorized people before being trapped within his tomb. The priest also said that he did not wish to be a member of the cult, but became high priest in order to avoid being killed. [1]



Gomdulla possessed superhuman strength to the point where he could break through solid stone walls. He also appeared to possess the power of telekinesis, which he used to both levitate himself and to hurl giant stones at his enemies.


Gomdulla's main weakness is a secret stud located on his right foot. When pressed, the stud either revives the monster or places him back into a deep slumber.

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