Gondor was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. By 1942, his operations were operated out of the Gondor Funeral Home located in San Francisco. He would assist Japanese spies in smuggling themselves into the United States. To this end, he had them dispose of the bodies of American soldiers killed in the Pacific Theater and hide in their coffins. After the funerals of the deceased, the Japanese spies would be allowed free to commit acts of sabotage to American defense efforts.

This plot was uncovered by the Angel who caught one of these spies attempting to signal the location where a new experiment jet was being developed by starting a fire. Using clues found on the man's body, the Angel followed them back to the Gondor funeral home. Finding the hero snooping around, Gondor had him ejected from the funeral home. Later, when the Angel returned, Gondor and his spies captured the hero and almost succeeded in having him buried alive at the funeral for a fallen soldier.

Making enough noise to alert people to free him, the Angel took Gondor down, and he was promptly arrested by military authorities and locked up after he confessed his entire operation.[1] Gondor's fate after the war is unrecorded.

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