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Ganji the medicine man

Gonji was a medicine man for an unknown Native American tribe that operated out of a southern state that even by the 1941's still remained true to their heritage. His tribe worshiped the wolf, and when they discovered gold on their land and began mining it, the greedy Gonji used local superstition to trick his fellow people into giving him large amounts of gold.

To this end, he constructed a convincing wolf costume and posed as the "Wolf-That-Walked-Like-A-Man", attacking his own people until they began providing gold offerings to appease the angry "God". The series of murders attracted the attention of the hero known as the Angel who was not convinced that these killings were the work of a Wolf-Man. Witnessing an offering, the Angel waited until the so-called Wolf-Man came to collect the gold and chased after it. Gonji had trained normal wolves to do his bidding, and they kept the Angel at bay long enough for his fellow tribesmen to capture the Angel and tie him up to a totem pole in sacrifice.

When the Wolf-Man attempted to attack the Angel, the hero broke free and fought the "beast" into fleeing back to his cave. There, the Angel beat the Wolf-Man into submission, unmasking him and revealing his true identity and motives. The Angel then turned Gonji over to his people to face justice, and he was summarily executed for his crimes.[1]


Gonji wore a lifelike wolf costume that has razor sharp claws and teeth. He had trained wolves to follow his command and attack his opponents.

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