A young superhero, introduced in the saga "The Infernal Secret Invasion of Evolutionary Crises!!",[9] he was then seen on a cruise boat trying to stop the pranks of the Marvel Balls (and succeeding at it).[10] He later joined other superheroes, teaming up with Quasar and Captain America, to fight Doctor Doom, who was impersonating Santa Claus - but the spirit of Christmas convinced Doom to stop his evil ways.[11]

A member of the New Heroes on the Block,[12] a team of teenage heroes later renamed New Worriers.[13] They tried to team-up with Wolvie to boost the series sales, but Wolvie instead attacked them.[12]

When answering reader's letters, Goofball disguised as his teammate No-More-Ita to recommend a lady to smooch a boy in the first date - repeatedly. No-More-Ita interrupted Goofball, pushed him forcefully and corrected the suggestion: The lady should kiss only if she wanted to but, should the boy be an irresponsible jerk like Goofball, she may also slap him and throw him bouncing like No-More-Ita demonstrated with Goofball himself.[14]

Goofball auditioned to become the partner of Medoozy of the Quasi-Humans, but was rejected.[15]

During summertime, Goofball met the Fantastical Four and the Revengers fighting supervillains Thigh-Nose and Doctor Doomed - and defeated both criminals with a lucky jump. Ever since, Goofball joined both the Fantastical Four and the Revengers, who would combine in a single team, the Goofballers. When all the Worriers reported in class "what I did over summer vacation", he joined her partners mocking Night Splasher, who had been defeated by The Father of All Masked Vigilantes, and Nova Kid, who had fought an uncool villain. His partners were eventually surprised when they discovered that Goofball had became a winner, admired by many superheroes.[13]

Along with her teammates, he lost all of his clothes, but the mask, when a typo renamed the team "Nude Warriors."[16]

Eventually, Goofball (as Robbie Baldwin) sponsored a paddle ball toy to be delivered in Hank Pym's Super Market with any sale over 10$.[17]


He bounces.

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