At sunset, an ordinary goose became the Goose Rider. While he is a nightmare, his main problem lied on the limited leisure activies in is area, including cinemas and bowling.[1]

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At one time, he stopped watching a movie because a number of youths were using his bike to heat their marshmallows. He scared them away and then rode aimlessly for a while. But his bike was then tripped by the villain Chainsaw, whom he had never met. Recovering from the crash, the Rider demanded his opponent to give his reasons, but Chainsaw only gave his name and threatened the "Goose being." The Rider then defeated Chainsaw by making an anvil fall from the sky on Chainsaw.[1]

Having solved the situation, the Rider rode again, looking for dinner. Due to the darkness of the night, the Rider missed a sign saying that there was no bridge in that direction, and the Rider fell on a pond.[1]

Later, the Goose Rider was among the many super-powered inhabitants of Larval Earth transported to a different planet created by the Bee-Yonder. The Bee-Yonder wanted to watch these super-heroes and villains fight each other in the event known as Secret Furs. During this Secret Furs, the Goose Rider faced the Larval Earth version of the Red Skull, who punched the Rider on the face using an uppercut.[2]


By honking, the Rider can summon the demons of heck, which causes a storm and anvils falling, or it might be a coincidence.[1]


Cannot see in the dark.[1]


He wears a cool jacket that is admired by others, but no helmet in a town where it is mandatory for motorbyke drivers to wear one.[1]


A flaming motorcycle with built-in alarm-system.[1]

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