Goran was one of the guardian of the sacred Terrigen Cavern.[1]

After Quicksilver managed to infiltrate the Cavern and expose himself to the Terrigen Mist (in order to restore his powers after the M-Day), and despite having used his newfound time-travel powers to evade detection, Goran was assigned to "escort" him at any times he left his apartment.[2]


Goran was present when Quicksilver took the stolen Terrigen Crystals (who would be stolen only eleven days later) to his daughter Luna. Once in Luna's room, away from Goran's sight, Lockjaw would teleport them away to Earth.[2]

Eleven days later, allied with a future duplicate of himself, Quicksilver infiltrated the Cavern once again.[2] Despite Quicksilver ally and Genetic Council member Videmus' attempt to take him away from the scene, Goran felt that something was wrong,[3] and while Quicksilver future-self went to collect Terrigen Crystals, Goran discovered present Quicksilver, who accidently killed him while trying to defend himself (before returning eleven days earlier with the stolen crystals).[2]

After the other Maledicta siblings went to Black Bolt as ordered by Videmus, the council member asked them to arrest him for high treason: He led the Maledicta and the Royals to Goran's body, while other Maledicta bursted on the scene to inform them of the stealing of the Crystals.[3]




Sword, spear[2]

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