Gordon Sanders (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 14 002

Human form

Gordon Sanders, an American explorer, accompanied his colleague Medwick on his hunt for the lost Tibetan city the locals called 'the City of the Howling Demons'. Their first night in the lost city proved fatal for Medwick, when he was attacked and killed by a wolf. The wolf then attacked Sanders; however, he scared it off with his gun, injuring it. The following day, he came across a woman named Llhupa who had several serious gunshot wounds - he found her the most beautiful woman he ever saw. Not making a connection between Llhupa and the creature he shot the night before, Gordon was confused when none of the natives helped him get medical help for the wounded girl. He eventually found some and restored her to health and took her back with him to America.

Gordon began transforming into a werewolf each night and going out and killing anything that got in his way. Becoming aware of his condition, he sought the aid of occult expert Dr. Martin Keller. He begged Keller for help. However, the transformation came upon him unexpectedly and he mauled Keller to death. The smoke from Keller's pipe allowed the other-dimensional alien known as the Vision to materialize in the room. The hero attempted to stop Sanders, but the wolfman escaped into the night.

The following day, Gordon was horrified by the newspaper articles about Keller's murder. Finally putting everything together, he blamed his situation on Llhupa. However, Llhupa denied his claims and call him crazy, but as night approached, Llhupa transformed into a wolf-form and slew Gordon before he could transform. Before Llhupa could attack the house staff, however, the Vision slew her as well.[1]


Gordon Sanders was plagued with a form of lycanthropy. Specifically at night, he would transform into a humanoid wolf. If this was effected by the phases of the moon remains unrevealed. Presumably, like Llhupa, those who survive being bit by Sanders would also be curse with lycanthropy.

Strength level

In his werewolf form, Gordon Sanders had superhuman strength and was able to fight the Vision to a stand-still.


It is unknown if Sanders has the same weakness that are typical of most plagued with lycanthropy, such as a weakness to silver.

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