Gorgolla was a Stonian and the son of Granitor. He led an invasion to Earth centuries ago and arranged them to hide out in secret locations acros the globe as gargoyles. An American explorer named David Hartnell discovered Gorgolla in the Himalayan Mountains. Gorgolla awakened and captured Hartnell, then summoned his Stonian brethren to begin their attack on Earth. The lesser gargoyles under his command however betrayed Gorgolla. He was seemingly killed by the Stonian army when they were revived as they had learned the ways of peace by observing humanity for centuries and no longer wished to live as slave soldiers.[2]

Gorgolla survived the attack however and was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and placed in their Howling Commandos Monster Force, though his status was listed as "inoperative.[1]

Gorgolla later appeared on Monster Isle when Shadowcat and Magik appeared to look for a mutant girl named Bo. Gorgolla was among the monsters that attacked the three until Magik teleported herself, Shadowcat, and Bo to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[3]


Stonians are silicon-based life forms whose bodies are comprised of a veritable living granite. Gorgolla had enhanced strength, durability and was well-nigh invulnerable. He could also fly by way of a pair of large, bat-like wings.


Gorgolla possessed a device that enabled him to bridge the portals between dimensions. This allowed himself and his Gargoyle army easy access from Stonus Five to Earth. He also used a solar-electromagnetic instrument to awaken and summon his fellow Stonians from across the globe.

  • Gorgolla is one of the few documented Stonians whose name doesn't end with the letters "or". Other Stonians have names such as Crustor, Granitor, Maxtor and Strator.

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