Gorgon is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family and the head of Attilan's royal guard. He volunteered to go to Earth to rescue Triton when Maximus presented the Royal Family with a vision of a strike team ambushing him in Hawaii. While Gorgon was on Earth, Maximus launched a coup remove his brother Black Bolt and install himself as Attilan's king. During the coup, Gorgon was ambushed by the same strike team that attacked Triton, who were actually working for Maximus. Gorgon continued his search for Triton after he fought off the mercenaries, but was dragged underwater by the undertow when he went past the shoreline. He was rescued by a group of surfers who quickly befriended the Inhuman. He made contact with Attilan through his comlink to let Maximus know he was ready for whoever he sent for him.[1][2]


  • Kinetic shockwave - Gorgon's heavy, hooved legs produce a shockwave when he stomps them
  • Enhanced senses - Gorgon has an enhanced sense of smell that allows him to track others by their scent.

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