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Gorgon of Earth-9997's origins and much of his past mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart. At some point in the recent past of Earth-9997 Gorgon left Earth with the Inhuman Royal Family after the Inhuman nation left to live among humanity and Black Bolt released the Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere. Gorgon mutated further, taking on a more bestial form and apparently becoming more simple minded. Later was among the Inhuman Royal Family when their space travels brought them to a planet that was destroyed by a Celestial birth, and the remnants of the Eternals, who were on the planet, encased on Vibranium.[citation needed]

Gorgon joined the other Inhumans in returning to Earth, where they relocated to Dr. Doom's Castle in Latveria as guests of it's current owner, Reed Richards. Gorgon spent most of his time there during many of the various events that transpirted on Earth-9997. He left only once to attend the wedding of Medusa and King Britain.[citation needed]

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Seemingly those of Gorgon of Earth-616.

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