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An unnamed planet characterized by vast swaths of arid desert, rugged canyons wracked by earthquakes, and volcanic vents spewing toxic fumes.[1][2] Despite its inhospitable conditions, this planet was home to a variety of species - including a tribe of sentient humanoids who roamed the canyons and deserts, praying to non-existent or uncaring sky-gods for the night to come. The only known species of flora were rare cave apples harvested by the humanoid species, and most other species of fauna were predatory.

In the distant past, a member of this tribe - Gorr - was exiled by his tribe for his misotheistic attitude and witnessed a battle between a dark god and a purple-skinned gold-armored god. The dark god's symbiotic sword, All-Black, bonded to Gorr and influenced him into leaving the planet and embarking on a deicidal crusade.[1]

The dark god, Knull, recuperated from his injuries after several centuries and used the planet as a spawning ground for his symbiote army.[3] At some point in its life, the symbiote later known as Venom was present on this planet, where it bonded to a group of baby rodentoid aliens.[2] Knull and his symbiotes conquered the planet and used it as the base of operations for what would become the Symbiote Imperium;[3] though is unknown what ultimately became of this planet and its inhabitants after Knull was overthrown and imprisoned in Klyntar.



  • Thor: God of Thunder #6 places Gorr's acquisition of the All-Black symbiote at 3000 years in the past, while Venom Vol. 4 places Knull's creation of the Symbiote Imperium - which occurred after Gorr's theft of All-Black - at several billion years in the past. Donny Cates established this as a continuity error-turned-retcon on Twitter.[4]
  • This planet is not to be confused with Klyntar.
  • According to the King in Black Handbook #1, the planet is located in the Milky Way galaxy and is about 60,000 light-years away from Earth, relatively close to Klyntar.

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