Pinhead was a Fifth Columnist for the Nazis in the 1940's. Stationed in New York, his orders were to keep American forces preoccupied to divert attention away from a tunnel being dug under the Bering Straight by Japanese Imperialists. To this end, Pinhead had his minions fly fighter planes over New York and drop messages demanding that the United States change its stance on the war or face attacks.

The mayor of New York enlisted the android Human Torch to stop these subversive activities. While the Human Torch failed to stop Pinhead and his minions from robbing a military munitions building of a number of tanks, the Torch -- along with the police and military -- succeeded in stopping Pinhead's attack on the city.

Pinhead attempted to flee; however, the Torch forced him to crash his car. Not wanting to be taken alive, Pinhead charged at the Torch's flaming body, telling him that he would not stop their operative the Invader before burning to death.[1]


Pinhead was a master subversive agent and spy.


Pinhead had access to fighter jets and later tanks stolen from the U.S. military.

Real name revealed in the Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special #1 (2009)

Der Stecknadelkopf & Der Dummkopf are the German words for Pinhead.

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