Brinkhaus was a Nazi who was angry over the defeat of Germany during World War II and wanted revenge. So, he had a machine built that would drain the powers of various mystics and psychics and give it all to him; he would then use this power to kill Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill who were attending the Potsdam Conference to discuss the future of Germany, though this would also result in him dying as well anyone in the immediate vicinity.

While Brinkhaus stole the power of the mystics and psychics, his minion Otto Weiss and two other minions monitored the Potsdam Conference. Weiss and the other minions were discovered by the Invaders who was guarding the proceedings, and Weiss was forced to reveal Brinkhaus' plans. The Invaders entered Brinkhaus' hideout, but by then, Brinkhaus possessed enough power to hold the Invaders off. Then Brinkhaus self-detonated, presumably dying in the process, but the Invaders were able to rescue the leaders attending the conference, thwarting Brinkhaus' plot.[2]

Powers and Abilities


After draining the collective energies of mystics and psychics, Brinkhaus possessed power to unleash energy that was strong enough to repel the Invaders and unleash a powerful explosion.



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A machine that drained the power from mystics and psychics

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