Originally Grace Church was founded in Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. However, the original structure was destroyed during the 1906 Earthquake.[1] In 1928, work was begun on the current structure by architect Lewis P. Hobart who preferred the French Gothic style. Finally completed in 1964, it is now the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the United States of America.

Grace Cathedral Young X-Men HQ

Grace Cathedral as the Young X-Men headquaters

Young X-Men

After the death of Wolf Cub and the arrest of Donald Pierce by the X-Men, Cyclops brought the Young X-Men to the new X-Men base, Graymalkin Industries in Marin Headlands of San Francisco. Cyclops asked Moonstar and Sunspot to counsel and lead the Young X-Men and they accepted.[2]

Assisted by Nightcrawler, they found a new base in Grace Cathedral, Church of The Episcopal Diocese of California. According to Nightcrawler the Episcopal Church's open mindedness makes it the perfect sanctuary despite none of the Young X-Men being actually Episcopalian.[2]

While using this church as their base, the Young X-men lived in a rectory behind the church and trained in the bell tower.[3]

When the anti-mutant riots and Norman Osborn's attacks force the X-Men to evacuate mainland California, the Young X-Men relocated to Utopia with X-Men and most of the mutant race.[4][5]

Ghost Rider dragging Hellverine (Earth-616) to Grace Cathedral

Ghost Rider dragging Hellverine to Grace Cathedral


When Wolverine's soul was sent to Hell and his body was possessed by demons, Melita Garner and Mystique recruited the help of the Son of Satan and the Ghost Riders (Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch) to return Wolverine's soul to his body.[6] The group brought Wolverine's possessed body to the holy ground of Grace Cathedral to perform the exorcism.[7] However, the ritual did not go exactly as planned, and although Wolverine's soul was returned to his body, the demons were not cast out.[8]

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