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Grace Tam was an activist arrested three times for unlawful protesting, assisting hackers, conspiracy, and other charges, under the desire to "expose corruption." She was imprisoned in a special cell to deter her Darkforce-based powers until the Weather Witch offered her to join S.P.E.A.R.'s super-hero team, the Ascendants. She agreed due to the Witch's proposal to let her "help the people [she claimed] to speak up for" and "infuriate the ones [she spoke] against."[1]

She and her teammates engaged members of the Hand in aerial combat in defense of their base when it was attacked during the clan's attempt to annihilate Shanghai by summoning the sleeping dragon below the island nation of Madripoor.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Darkforce Energy Manipulation: Vector can control the Darkforce.[1]

  • Teleportation: Vector has only demonstrated the ability to use Darkforce for short-distance teleportation.[1]

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