Grace "Gracie" Destine was born in 1503, the daughter of the immortal Adam Destine and the djinn Elalyth.

In 1519, when she and her sister Cuckoo (who was inhabiting the body of a Spanish nobleman at the time) were in the newly-discovered Mexico, exploring the territory with Cortés's conquistadors, 16-year-old Grace, who easily passed for a boy, posed as his valet. When the conquistadors attacked the Aztecs, Grace, whose emerging psychic gifts were too immature to use in combat, left with Cuckoo and some of the Aztecs they had befriended, but the two were separated.

Grace followed Cuckoo's example, and learned to channel mystical forces to enhance her powers. In doing this, she accidentally unleashed a demon called the Synraith. Grace managed to seal the dimensional rift from which it came, but as it now knew where Earth-616 was, it would eventually return.

In 1615 Grace and her brother Albert were in Japan protecting the Shogun Tokugawa during a coup.[1]

Gracie later fought the Synraith a second time centuries later with Cuckoo (now in the body of a Native American woman) and a young Charles Xavier. They finally managed to destroy the creature during their third encounter with it, with the help of Adam and the X-Men.[citation needed]


  • Telepathy: Gracie possessed great telepathic powers.
  • Telekinesis
  • Virtual Immortality: Like all of her family, Gracie was near immortal, although unlike most of them, her appearance aged so that she appeared elderly instead of eternally young.


Gracie had some ability to wield magic, and a knowledge of archaeology.

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